At Springside College we strive to balance the individual needs and preferences of our learners with the scope of the Victorian Curriculum and the demands of the ever changing societal settings our graduates will need to navigate.

Primary Food and Technology

The Year 5 & 6 Food and Technology program is divided into two parts. The first is teaching the students basic cooking skills. The emphasis is on vibrant, shared meals where the children sit down and eat together ‘as a family’ in their words. The second part focuses on student-driven projects. The students have have chosen to utilise the fruit and vegetables grown and harvested from our garden and excess produce donated to make tasty, homemade goodies that are sold at our monthly market, ‘Spade and Spoon’. This project gives the students authentic learning experiences from the planning, designing and advertising through to running the market. All proceeds go back into the Spade and Spoon program.

Spade & Spoon

Spade & Spoon is the garden and kitchen program at Springside P-9 College. The garden is open to all students on Monday and Wednesday at lunch time.

Our focus in the garden is on the students participating in all aspects of maintaining the garden including planting, watering, weeding, recycling, compost and harvesting. Currently the Year 3 classes have a one hour session in the garden each week. The Year 4 classes alternate between an hour session in the garden and the kitchen. In the kitchen the Year 4’s are learning valuable life skills and cook with ingredients that they have grown in the garden.


The new S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) program at Springside College introduces our Grade 5 and 6 students to a new way of thinking as they head towards secondary school and beyond. Students are challenged to attempt self-directed investigative tasks that see them research, design, model and build solutions to questions raised during their learning. With dedicated time for students to explore the mysteries of science, through posing a hypothesis and conducting relevant experiments, we aim to give students relevant 21st century thinking skills that they can take with them through their education and beyond.

Hands on Learning

The Hands on Learning program is a research based approach that aims to develop communication, leadership, teamwork, financial and management skills by engaging students in a multitude of vocational contexts. The Springside model has been tailored to the needs of our students and is already reaping amazing results with students from different year levels attaining Food Handling Certification with a view to establishing a student led Cafe on site. The building component helps students develop skills in the areas of building by working on practical projects around the school. Under the stewardship of Vince Gentile (Student Welfare Coordinator/Child Safe Officer)

Mathematics and English

The development of sound Numeracy and Literacy skills are part of the core curriculum at all levels of Springside College. We design and deliver explicit teaching and learning experiences through the Springside Instructional Model. We tailor individual programs to meet specific educational needs while gradually introducing all learners to challenging content and relevant strategies through a variety of learning contexts.


At Springside College we acknowledge the inextricable link between mental and physical wellbeing and how these aspects of health impact learning. Engagement and Wellbeing Leaders develop a college wide social and emotional learning curriculum from P-9. We also have a cadre of paraprofessionals – speech therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists – who work here and dedicated Primary Welfare Coordintors/Child Safe Officer’s to cater to any student needs. We have an out of school hours care program that runs on site.
School Wide Positive Behaviours
Positive Behaviours Expectations Matrix

Specialist Program

In delivering on our focus to provide a stimulating learning environment for our students, Springside College strives to enrich the learning experience of the students at Springside with a vibrant and engaging range of subjects. Our core subjects are complemented by specialist delivered content in the areas of Performing Arts, Health and PE, Visual Arts, LOTE, Cooking and ICT guided by eSmart practices.

Extra Curricular and Elective

In providing for a breadth of learning experience, Springside College offers a range of elective classes and extra curricular opportunities. Our interschool sport and athletics program has consistently seen Springside students represent the college at zone, district, regional and state levels. Elective classes including Legal Studies, Hands on Learning, Outdoor Ed, Forensic Science, Games and Programming, Materials Technology, Photography and many more serve to provide deeper understandings of relevant learning areas and real life contexts in which to apply practical knowledge and skills.

Inclusion Hub

The Inclusion Hub is a space that welcomes everyone and is inclusive of all individual needs and interests. A rostered timetable of activities are available, but options for students to choose alternate activities such as drawing, board games, Beyblades, chess, Lego, fidget toys and sports are also on offer. Staff support play through using visuals and prompts to teach waiting and turn-taking and explicitly teach pro-social behavious such as losing gracefully and joining in on non-preferred activities. The timetable is regularly updated by students, for students. Noise-cancelling headphone are available upon entry, or alternative students can chill out in a quiet zone across from the Inclusion Hub.