At Springside College we deliver excellence. Our vision is to work in harmony with our community to develop creative learners who think, act and contribute positively to an ever changing world.

From our inception Springside College has tried to balance the individual needs and preferences of our learners with the scope of the Victorian Curriculum and the demands of an ever changing societal context.

The values of Respect, Optimism, Responsibility and Excellence underpin everything we do here and directly informs our Code of Cooperation, expectations of behaviour and Social and Emotional Learning Program. Our values are also evident in our interactions within our community and in our design, delivery and review of learning programs and school initiatives.

Our Principal

As a school community, we are continually growing, improving and most importantly, focussing on the right priorities.

A strong school improvement focus at Springside has been to consistently embed quality, research-based teaching and learning strategies that make us even better educators and have a significant positive impact on student learning outcomes.

Our teachers use a collaborative, team based approach to teaching and learning, using evidence from student assessment activities to plan and implement learning that supports the individual needs of our students.

We also have a strong focus on creating a positive, engaging and safe climate for learning through a strong wellbeing platform. This is something I know we do extremely well.

A vital future focus is to support our students in acquiring the skills needed for 21st Century Learning. These skills include creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking as well as being safe and productive users of technology.

Our School Council has identified the need to maintain, develop and improve our school grounds, particularly as our enrolments continue to grow and our playgrounds become more crowded. Over the coming years we will make significant additions to our school grounds ensuring space is used creatively and effectively, and students continue to be provided an exciting, engaging and fun school environment.
Rob Nicholls
Proudly the Principal of Springside P-9 College

The people of the Springside community are undoubtedly our greatest asset. What better way to promote and celebrate our college than to hear directly from our amazing students! I trust their comments paint a positive and accurate picture of Springside P-9 College.