Essential Worker Families Update

09 Jul Essential Worker Families Update

Dear Essential Worker Families,

Firstly, thanks for your continued work during this unprecedented pandemic. 

We are still working on the details for our ‘Springside Primary School Holiday Program’ next week based on the limited information we have received to date.  Please rest assured your child will be supervised and cared for on the days/times you as the parent(s)/carer(s) are permitted on-site at your employers and no other arrangements for care can be made. 

 So far we are planning to:

  • Have our staff supervise and care for students from 8:50am until 3pm.  The students will enter the front school gate (and exit) on their own as no parents are permitted on-site.  They will line up on  the crosses outside the library as they did the last term 
  • We will have different ‘holiday program’ like activities running from 8:50am -3pm – a timetable has been drafted and will be sent out once we receive confirmation from DET
  • If students require care before 8:50am or after 3pm, parents will need to contact Camp Australia
  • Students can wear casual clothes and will need to bring their lunch, snacks and drink bottles
  • If students want to bring a book to read during ‘free time’ they are most welcome but not valuable items are permitted on-site

Once finalised, I will send out the registration form for Essential Worker Families to fill out and return (by 2pm on Friday) so we can plan adequately for numbers.  

Wishing you all a lovely day in the sunshine today!