*Day One Update – together, we made it*

15 Apr *Day One Update – together, we made it*

Dear Families,

Despite the technical difficulties experienced as we launched a new way of learning this morning, we made it to 3pm with many success stories and smiles.

I have spoken with countless staff, students and parents today who are feeling differing levels of uncertainty with the unknown, and that’s ok.

My message to everyone is we are all in ‘draft mode’, all of our plans are in draft mode; our instructional practice as educators is in draft mode; the tasks we are setting are in draft mode. We are all doing the very best we can to plan and prepare to meet the needs of our school community but are only on our first draft and nowhere near our final or good copy yet. This new way of learning is a ‘work in progress’ that will continue to improve with your honest, ongoing feedback and willingness to give things a go.

If your child completes one task this week, that’s ok.

If your child completes ten tasks this week, that’s ok.

Everyone needs time to adjust, so be kind to yourselves and each other.

If in a few weeks time, we are still experiencing the same levels of angst we will reflect and revise our plan to better meet the needs of our community.

We are genuinely here for each of you, reach out anytime.

Sending virtual hugs from Gab Zorko and the Springside Staff Team