A final message before Term Two commences

09 Apr A final message before Term Two commences

Thanks families for your emails regarding my recent request for supervision and device requirements. If I did not respond to you personally, please email me again at zorko.gabrielle.m@edumail.vic.gov.au to ensure I have not missed you.

Information about your child’s remote learning requirements and weekly tasks will be uploaded on Seesaw on Tuesday 14th April along with support contact details.

Please note, the first week of Term Two will be spent reconnecting with our families, we have missed you.

The teachers and ES will be setting up times to meet with your child and you via ZOOM, so please keep your eye out on your email for your time and link.  You simply click on the link and you will see your child’s teacher/ES at the designated time (I did this today with my son’s speech therapist and it was super easy).  If this does not work we will connect via Seesaw, email or phone.

In-line with child safety standards we do require you to be present with your child during the one-on-one meeting. We also want you to be able to converse any concerns during this session.  Not all ZOOM sessions will require your attendance as some will be small group conferences but when the teacher is giving your child feedback about their learning it is beneficial you hear the feedback.  Think of these as mini parent-teacher-student meetings 😊 More details about ZOOM will be communicated on Tuesday 14th April.

Before wishing our families and friends a relaxing Easter 🐣 I want to share a timely post from an unknown author:


The next week or two starts a new chapter in education. There is a huge learning curve that students, parents and school staff must navigate together!!

As we embark on these somewhat different and varied methods of teaching and learning, I am asking my Facebook friends to refrain from scrutinizing teachers, schools, methods, or the lessons that are being assigned.

Please offer grace to your child’s teacher and other school personnel. I promise that educating your children is indeed  a #1 priority.

Many school staff are about to navigate uncharted waters, a rapid technological learning curve and have little certainty as to how each student will be supported at home.

The impact of the COVID 19 crisis on education does not invite anyone to become an armchair expert.

Teachers definitely have the interest of each student at heart and will be doing their absolute best to continue the education of each one.

Please copy & paste if you are a teacher … or support teachers.

And fellow educators, YOU’VE GOT THIS! We believe in you xxxx (Author of original post unknown)