Child Safe Commitment

18 Oct Child Safe Commitment

Child Safety Statement of Commitment

Springside Kindergarten is dedicated to the protection of all children with zero tolerance of child abuse. Springside Kindergarten is committed to preventing child abuse, identifying risks early and following procedures to remove or reduce these risks. We are committed to acting in the child’s best interests and ensuring that the safety and wellbeing of all children remains our first priority.


We acknowledge and respect the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and uphold that all children feel and are safe at all times. We share optimism that our environment supports and empowers children as it is fundamental to their ability to learn and develop. We are responsible for creating child safe and child friendly environments where children feel safe. Springside Kindergarten is committed to implementing ongoing excellence in the maintenance of all Child Safe requirements.


We maintain a child safe culture that:

  • Has zero tolerance for child abuse
  • Actively works to listen and empower children
  • Has policies and procedures to protect children from abuse and follow our duty of care
  • Has legal and moral obligations to contact authorities when we have reasonable concern about a child’s safety, or reasonably believe that a child has been abused or harmed
  • Is committed to promoting physical, emotional and cultural safety for all children
  • Is committed to providing a safe environment for all children at all times
  • Promotes the cultural safety and inclusive participation of Aboriginal children, children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, vulnerable children and children with a disability
  • Ensures all staff, families, volunteers and personnel understand that child safety if everyone’s responsibility.